Main Products Sniff Up feline aerosol chamber
Sniff Up feline aerosol chamber

Sniff Up feline aerosol chamber is intended to be used together with metered dose inhaler to effectively delivery the drugs to the cats lungs, suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis as well as allergic rhinitis.

Set includes

Sniff Up feline aerosol chamber
Mask 1.26 inches diameter
Mask 1.65 inches diameter
Users guide
Registration card

The breath meter provides an easy way to control the inhaler appliance, it will help to count the cats breaths amount while the indicator movement signals that the mask is tight enough to the cats face.

Besides the spacer provides an exhalation control system, two valves which the carbon dioxide is released through during exhalation. It prevents exhalation from entering the medicine tank.

2 size masks made of PVС with a diameter of 1.26 inches and 1.65 inches are included in the set with Sniff Up spacer. This provides you to adjust the mask so that it covers the cats mouth and nose, but not the eyes.


Fits all cats

How to use

Step one
Be sure to remove the inhaler cap and then shake it
Step two
Insert the metered dose inhaler into Sniff up spacer back part and press on the inhaler’s button in order to release the medicine into the spacer
Step three
Lean it to the pet's face. Then count the breaths amount while using the indicator

The way to tame a pet

Provide pet with testy food
Be sure to initially provide your pet with a treat both before and after using Sniff up. Praise your pet for success and good behavior
Be patient
Start with the device demonstration to your pet, then try to lean the mask only since it’s very important for pet to used to a new device to avoid being afraid of
Not every pet responds calmly
Then try to do the procedures when your pet is sleepy if it failed to respond to the spacer calmly
Be sure to watch the video
Watch youtube video, shared by other people, who treat their pets with inhalations
You can check the authenticity of the product on the Register product page or use mobile app for this.

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