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Quicke test strips

Blood glucose test strips work with Quicke blood glucose monitoring system to “read” pets blood sugar levels. Knowing pets blood sugar levels helps you manage disease.

50 pieces


Only for Quicke sterile lancets & Quicke blood glucose monitoring system

How do blood glucose test strips work?

When blood is placed onto the test strip, it reacts with a chemical called glucose oxidase producing gluconic acid from the glucose in the blood. At the other end of the test strip, the meter transfers a current to the test strip. The test strip has electric terminals which allow the meter to measure the current between the terminals.

The current between the terminals changes depending on the level of gluconic acid that has been produced. The blood glucose meter then uses an algorithm to work out the blood glucose level based upon the difference in current.

How to use

Pierce your pets ear or other selected test site
Place your fingers on the back of your pets ear and gently press down with the lancing device
Collect a blood sample
Collect the drop onto the blood glucose test strip
Start testing
Insert the test strip into the blood glucose monitoring system and wait for the results
You can check the authenticity of the product on the Register product page or use mobile app for this.

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