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Quicke control solution

Checking your Quicke blood glucose monitoring system to make sure it is working properly can be done easily at home with Quicke control solution.

2 pieces of 4 ml

Only for the Quicke blood glucose test strips & Quicke blood glucose monitoring system

How do Quicke control solution work?

Testing using control solution is a similar process to testing a blood sample. However, the properties of the fluids are different, and the test results are used for separate purposes. Сontrol solution for a Quicke blood glucose monitoring system has a known amount of glucose, whereas the concentration of glucose within pets blood can fluctuate, even when measuring the same drop of blood. Therefore, a control solution test can be used to check if your meter and test strips are reading blood sugar levels properly by providing the expected result.

Сontrol solution is a liquid made up of water, glucose, buffers, and microbicides. These ingredients are vital to creating a solution with the following properties:

• Has a concentration of glucose that can be used to test the functionality of Quicke blood glucose monitoring system and Quicke test strips.
• Has a pH level that is close to the physiological value of pets blood.
• Prevents the growth of micro bacteria that would otherwise alter the glucose concentration.

When i need to use control solution?

• before first use
• prior to use with a new pack of test strips
• after dropping or damaging meter
• upon meter replacement

How to use

Configure your Quicke blood glucose monitoring system
Select Calibration from the main menu then select Test
Prepare blood glucose strip & control solution
Take a blood glucose test strip and drip a single drop of control solution
Start testing
Insert the test strip into the blood glucose monitoring system and wait for the results
Get test results
Compare the obtained value with reference range. You can find the reference range in the users guide for Quicke blood monitoring system
You can check the authenticity of the product on the Register product page or use mobile app for this.

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